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JSC "BCP" is service, quality, reliability, assortment.

Barnaul cartridge plant is Exporter of the Year

The ceremony of awarding the National Award in the area of international cooperation and export Exporter of the Year to representatives of business in the Siberian Federal District was held in Tomsk. The awards were received by companies and entrepreneurs from seven Siberian regions.

Veronika Nikishina, general director of the Russian Export Centre, noted in her video address to the participants that it was very difficult for the commission to "choose the most deserving ones". "These companies and individual entrepreneurs increase their export supplies, promote new Russian goods and services around the world, and know how to compete in challenging market environments. Thanks to their work, Russia has a merited reputation as a producer and supplier of quality goods and services," Veronika Nikishina emphasised.

"Entering the export market is an important stage in the company's development, a confirmation of its competitiveness, sustainability and prospects. The specifics of Tomsk Oblast is that it is a high-tech region, and, of course, Tomsk products are in wide demand on the international market. In five years we have doubled the number of exporting companies, and in nine months of this year their number increased by another 12%," said Andrey Antonov, Deputy Governor of the Tomsk Region for Economy.
During the event, invited experts discussed to what extent the existing support measures for exporters meet the needs of small businesses. Vyacheslav Makarov, federal inspector for the Tomsk region, Ivan Gudkov, vice-president for legal issues of the Russian Export Centre, Maxim Kostarev, president of the Tomsk region Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and Sergey Kukhalsky, chairman of the Tomsk branch of Opora Russia, took part in the blitz show.

"For all groups of exporters, we have the One Window service - not just a project, but an entire ecosystem representing a comprehensive range of support measures for the development of export-oriented companies. This is one of the main means of achieving the national goals set by the President of the Russian Federation to increase the volume of non-resource, non-energy exports," said Ivan Gudkov.

This year, 23 companies were winners and runners-up in the district stage of the Exporter of the Year award. Tomsk Rubius Group became a winner in two categories at once - Breakthrough of the Year and Exporter of the Year in Services (in the category Small and Medium Business; the award in the category Large Business was not presented). The company specializes in software development and sales. Among its products are Planyway (team calendar and time line), Qubius (mobile noise-insulated office cubicles for calls and negotiations), Visius (intelligent video analytics system for traffic counting).

Two prizes were also awarded to Barnaul Cartridge Plant (Altay region), which celebrates its 80th anniversary this year. The company won in the New Geography and Industrial Exporter of the Year categories in the Large Business category. The leader in the small and medium business category in this nomination was AMT Electronics of Omsk (IE Marichev S.N.), which has been developing and manufacturing electric guitar equipment since 1987.

Novosibirskkhleboprodukt (Novosibirsk Region) took first place in the Agribusiness Exporter of the Year category in the Large Business category. Eco-Factory Siberian Cedar (Tomsk Region) was named exporter of the year in the category Small and Medium-Sized Business.
The winner in the High Technology Exporter of the Year nomination in the Large Business category was SKTB Katalizator (Novosibirsk Region), and in the Small and Medium-Sized Business category - Universal Terminal Systems (Tomsk Region).

Both leaders of the Trader of the Year nomination represent the Omsk Region. The winner in the Large Business category is Sibir Impex, which promotes Russian manufacturers in the markets of Kazakhstan, Belarus, Kyrgyzstan and Armenia. The winner in the Small and Medium Business category is TPK Sladonezh, which supplies products of the confectionery factory of the same name to CIS countries, China, Moldavia, Iraq, Afghanistan, and Palestine. In 2020, Sladonezh's wafers and sweets reached North America.

The winners of the Siberian Exporter of the Year award were AllianzTransTorg (Novosibirsk Region), DiborExport (Omsk Region), PK Sibiryak (Altai Territory), Integra Sorses (Altai Territory), Elcom+ (Tomsk region), DIP-Service (Omsk region), Yanta-T (Irkutsk region), NPK (Novosibirsk region), Vector-BAlgam (Novosibirsk region), Euroelement Export (Kemerovo region), Element (Novosibirsk region), Ecolux (Novosibirsk region), DeCom (Irkutsk region), AO Kraslesinvest (Krasnoyarsk region), Zdorovoe PITanie (Novosibirsk Region).
The winners of the district stage of the Exporter of the Year award in the Siberian Federal District will take part in the federal stage of the competition. The award ceremony will take place at the Made in Russia International Export Forum in late 2021.

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