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JSC "BCP" is service, quality, reliability, assortment.

The annual international conference of the Distributors and Dealers Association of BCP JSC

The annual international conference of the Distributors and Dealers Association of BCP JSC was held. A rich business programme, visits to the companies, a tour of the museum and a presentation of the BMTP exhibition hall, as well as an extensive cultural programme and an introduction to the landmarks of Barnaul - all of which was planned to a high standard.

80 years of cartridges production at the Altai land

The conference was addressed by Igor Kuppa, President of the Association and General Director of BMTP:

‘The place of the meeting was not chosen by chance - we invited you in the jubilee year for the plant. Having worked fruitfully at the conference, we set the purpose to acquaint the dealers with the production, the working conditions of the staff of the plant, with the changes in the nomenclature of the products, how the constructors and technologists work - all for them to get into the factory atmosphere.’

Igor told about the milestones of the plant, beginning in 1941, and how the company, developing dynamically and making plans for the future, cherishes its history.

The dealers' club also has its own history - two decades have passed since the origin of the idea of its creation, which was suggested by Victor Yashkin, General Director of BMTP. The participants of the conference voted for awarding the Association of Distributors and Dealers of JSC BMTP the name of V. Yashkin and the next day they honoured the memory of the honoured machine tool builder.

Positive dynamics

Andrei Tsuprunov, Managing Director of BCP JSC, spoke about the results of production and business activities in 2020:

‘The year was marked by certain difficulties, both in the global and Russian civilian and service weapon ammunition markets. First and foremost, the pandemic. Despite this, an increase in export sales allowed for a significant increase in production volumes. Compared to 2019, the increase in physical units amounted to 24%. At present, the cartridge factory is actively implementing a technical re-equipment programme to increase production volumes over the next 5 years. In order to optimize the technological processes and to improve the manufacturing culture the production buildings are being reconstructed, the equipment is being modernized, and new products are being launched.’

Vitaly Popov, Deputy Director for Sales and Logistics, made a report on product sales in the Russian and world markets last year. An analysis of the results of work with dealers was presented by the commercial service of BCP in the annual issue of the Bulletin of Distributors & Dealers Association of BCP JSC. The increase in sales compared to 2019 was more than 40 percent, including a 24 percent increase in sales of cartridges and elements in the domestic market. Demand for the products has not only made it possible to sell off 2020 products, but also to significantly reduce stock balances from previous years.

Roman Kovalev, Deputy Director for Marketing and Supplies, spoke about the expansion of the cartridge factory's product range and promotion of the brand. He invited the dealers to participate in the All-Russian competitions in practical shooting from carbine at the Cup of Barnaul Cartridge Plant, which will be held in September 2021 at the shooting range of Altai Shooter shooting complex. In 2022 Sochi will host the IPSC Action Air World Shoot 2022, where the cartridge plant has already acted as the general sponsor of the Russian national team.

During the conference, there were also reports on the activities of the dealers in 2020. The speakers emphasized the demand for the factory's products on the market, asked questions about planned new products and voiced suggestions.

One of the main issues on the agenda of the meeting of dealers was admission of new members to the club. During Europe's largest gun and hunting exhibition IWA-2019 in Nuremberg the cartridge factory delegation was visited by representatives of Concern Kalashnikov with a proposal for cooperation - launching a line of cartridges under the Kalashnikov brand on the Russian market. This year, the company Russian Rifle Arms, which will promote this project on behalf of the Concern, applied to join the dealers' club. However, the club members voted against it, suggesting that the launch of this range of branded cartridges should be worked out on a general basis and that it should be revisited next year.

Making quality ammunition and teaching how to shoot

The business part of the conference continued with a guided tour - the guests visited the 2nd, 5th and 21st shops of BCP and got acquainted with the production of cartridges from the initial stage to quality control and packaging, then visited BRIZ and Altaytali.

‘We only knew the cartridge factory, now we have seen the enterprises of the entire Holding's industrial group, learned in detail about the training programme and the social burden of the enterprise - this is the first time such an event was organized,’ noted the dealers.

The fruitful communication continued at the test range named after M.T. Kalashnikov. Andrei Tsuprunov, Director of the cartridge factory, spoke about the global project on reconstruction of the range and how the cooperation between BCP and Altai Shooter helps to promote shooting sport and introduced the services of the sports and shooting complex. Then a demonstration and demonstration shooting with cartridges produced by BCP JSC took place.

The cartridge factory presented six of its new inventions to the dealers club: a bullet for reloading - monolithic dot bullet for 308 caliber with brass casing (.308 Win), rifle cartridge for 6,5 Creedmoor and 6,5 Grendel, 300 AAC Blackout Subsonic, 7,6x39 Subsonic, shotgun cartridge with bore Lancaster 9 mm Altay. Tactical and technical specifications of the new cartridges were posted on the stands at each firing range. Association members were able to ask questions to the cartridge factory's chief designer Mars Khadisov and test the new products.

Most of all the dealers were interested in shooting cartridges with monolithic bullet at a distance of 300 metres. Demonstration shooting at paper targets was conducted by Altai Shooter. Vladimir Gorbovoy, club instructor, and Nikolay Truevtsev, Regional Director of PSC of Altai Krai demonstrated practical shooting exercises with a modern pistol and Mosin rifle. ‘It is not enough to make quality cartridges, you also need to train shooters. It is very good that the cartridge factory cooperates with the Russian Federation of Practical Shooting,’ said Nikolay Truevtsev.

Five years ago the Association outlined the direction of new projects under the motto ‘We choose sport!’ This year, when we visited the shooting complex in Shadrino, we could see how much had been done by the BCP and BMTP in general to popularise the shooting sport and to organise an active leisure that promotes the culture of shooting and weapon handling, how it promotes the development of marketing solutions and the formation of new market niches.

Irina Sidorova, executive director of the association:

‘The club has always shown expertise in production, logistics and shooting ranges. And this time the business part of the conference included not only the programme at the Altai Shooter, but also a tour of the facilities of the regional dealer Trofei - megamarket, production and shooting complex.

We prepared for this meeting of the Club especially thoroughly. 24 dealer companies from Russia, Kazakhstan, Armenia and Germany got a lot of information on production, got acquainted with the factory museum, they were impressed by the cultural programme - an extensive city tour, a boat trip on the Ob River, a concert featuring the best artists of the region, a folk festival in the countryside complex. Our guests had a chance to feel the spirit of the region and learn its traditions. And, most importantly, all four days of the conference, they established contacts and conducted negotiations not only during the meeting, but also in an informal setting.’

Alexander Alkhov, Firma Saiga TOO, Republic of Kazakhstan:

‘Every meeting of dealers' club members is unique, the current one is unique because of the venue and the trusted format of communication that has been preserved. For 20 years we have practically become one family - a club of friends and great people who achieved success in their business. There is a popular phrase "business and nothing personal", but for us it is not so. We know how to negotiate. For example, there are currently three dealers in Izhevsk, and they have managed to build a business without creating fierce competition.

Practical shooting is developing very actively nowadays; we try to be helpful for sportsmen and hunters. All participants note that the shooting range has been transformed and all conditions for sniping and practical shooting competitions have been created.’

Nikolay Kukushkin, Oruzheyny Dom TsPP OOO, Mytishchi:

‘Barnaul Cartridge Plant has a reserve to improve and develop - this was the conclusion drawn after the excursions to the production facility. We saw young, knowledgeable specialists and most importantly, those able to communicate and deliver information. In each shop we communicated with high-class specialists. It is clear that this is the result of a systematic and competent human resources policy pursued by the plant management.’


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