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JSC "Barnaul Cartridge Plant" is service, quality, reliability, assortment.
JSC "BCP" is service, quality, reliability, assortment.

Moscow Open

Barnaul Cartridge Plant - General sponsor of the Russian sports national shooting team.
This year, ASPO "FPSR" and the Barnaul Cartridge Plant signed a sponsorship agreement to provide training camps for the leading athletes of the Russian sports team in practical shooting in preparation for the World Championship in practical pistol shooting, planned to be held in 2022 in Pattaya (Thailand).

In total, BCP, according to this agreement, provided three hundred and fifty thousand pieces of 9x19 Luger cartridges to support athletes, to conduct their training events and to the absolute winners in the overlay of the Moscow Open third level competition ending in 2021.

On behalf of the Federation and JSC “BCP”, we congratulate the absolute winners of the Moscow Open 2021, who will receive 1000 cartridges each:
1. Lavrinenko Andrey
2. Popov Alexey
3. Onshin Nikolay
4. Manturov Evgeniy
5. Torgashov Pavel
6. Dedegkaev Soslan
7. Fedchin Anton

198,000 rounds of ammunition are sent individually to support athletes (18,000 per athlete):
1. Gushchina Maria
2. Potapenko Evgeniy
3. Torgashov Pavel
4. Novikov Dmitry (juniors)
5. Tarasov Alexander (juniors)
6. Zhidkov Artem
7. Soloviev Alexander (juniors)
8. Gordienko Ekaterina
9. Terentyeva Alexandra
10. Barnavsky Savely (juniors)
11. Gorbacheva Irina

For training events in 2022 with the participation of athletes from the Russian national pistol team, the remaining cartridges were sent to the “Object” Sports Complex and the Regional Federation of Practical Shooting of the Tver Region, where training camps are planned in 2022 to prepare for the World Pistol Championship.

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