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JSC "Barnaul Cartridge Plant" is service, quality, reliability, assortment.
JSC "BCP" is service, quality, reliability, assortment.

The whole life is the plant

Viktor Yashkin was born on September 10 , 1951 in the village Ozerky of the Talmensky district of the Altai Krai. In 1966, he graduated from the middle school and entered the Barnaul Engineering College. In 1970, he graduated from the college and began working as a turner at the Barnaul Boiler Plant. 

In May 1970, he was called up for active military service in the Soviet Army. After demobilization in 1972, he got a job as a design engineer at the Barnaul Machine Tool Plant and in the same year entered the Polzunov Altai State Technical University at the part-time department. In 1978, while working he graduated the university with flying colours and got a BS degree in Mechanical Engineering Technology of metal-cutting machines and tools. After graduation, he was appointed deputy head of the workshop, and from 1982 to 1989 - head of the mechanical assembly workshop No. 40 for the production of electric hoists.

From 1989 to 1994, he skillfully managed one of the most complex productions of the enterprise – tool manufacturing. During his work at the tool manufacturing, Viktor managed to arrange a well-coordinated and accurate team work, that allowed to solve the most difficult manufacturing tasks of stamps, molds, measuring and cutting tools, tooling production. His team has repeatedly won professional and labor competitions, demonstrating high labor and manufacturing achievements.

From 1994 to 1995, he worked as Deputy General Director for Marketing.

For 6 years from 1995 to 2001 Viktor Yashkin has been First Deputy General Director and Executive Director of the Barnaul Machine Tool Plant JSC. In July 2001, the Shareholders' Meeting elected him as General Director of Barnaul Machine Tool Plant JSC and in July 2018 as Chairman of the Board of Directors of JSC Barnaul Machine Tool Plant.

Viktor carried out a lot of work on the structural rearrangement of the enterprise, modernization of production, expansion of sales markets, marketing strategy.

Barnaul Machine Tool Plant retained its technical, intellectual and production potential even during the perestroika years, in conditions of deep conversion. Under the leadership of Viktor, the company implemented a conversion program, which ensured its stable operation, despite significant reduction in the defense order. A holding-type company with a number of subsidiaries was formed on the basis of the enterprise.

Viktor has worked hard to increase the level of labour organisation, improve the structure and technology of production. He solved a number of strategically important issues on expanding and modernising production, and built an effective production and management system for the enterprise, which has made it possible to achieve significant results.

Under the management of Yashkin, the range of cartridges produced by the company was significantly expanded: while at the beginning of the 90s the company produced hunting cartridges in two calibres, at the moment it produces and offers a wide range of sports and hunting cartridges in over 150 types for rifled weapons and shotguns and over 20 types of live ammunition.

During the period of his management the majority of new serious directions of production of industrial purpose products - electric hoists with different load capacity and lifting height, electric travelling cranes (altogether over 150 modifications of load-lifting technology), a wide range of industrial chains - driving roller chains of different pitches: load, traction, special - altogether over 100 modifications have been developed.

Victor was one of the project initiators for developing the production of advanced plate heat exchangers: today the entire range of plate heat exchangers is produced, covering heating needs from a small dwelling to a housing estate. For this unique, one-of-a-kind project and its further implementation, Viktor became a laureate of the Demidov Prize in Altai in 2002.

The company's breadth, versatility and diversity make it possible to successfully meet the challenges of coordinating business cooperation among all the subsidiaries of the Barnaul Machine-Tool Plant industrial group. Competent assortment and pricing policy of the enterprise, flexible conditions of cooperation with clients allowed it to win high reputation in domestic and international markets, which is proved by recognition diplomas of leading specialised industrial exhibitions, competitions in Russian regions, CIS and foreign countries.

The efficient and flexible organisation of production has contributed to the expansion of activity areas. In recent years, many related products have been mastered and continue to be mastered, such as electric suspension bridge cranes, a range of unique targets for practical and training shooting as well as target practice. The new Kentavr product line, new calibres of pistol cartridges, explosion-proof and nuclear hoists, certified heat exchangers for the food industry, chains for the oil and gas industry and for agriculture.

The company's production cooperation, both with Russian and foreign partners, is developing in the main commodity groups. Under the management of The Barnaul Machine Tool Planthas been developing its production based on market trends and consumer demands, continuously improving the quality of its products and technology, and introducing new high-performance production equipment. In addition to traditional Russian certification, initiated and personally supervised by Yashkin, the company is certified under the international ISO certification and quality system.

In recent years, the policy pursued by Yashkin has made it possible to develop fundamentally new markets and industry segments, expand the composition and number of regular customers and new methods of working with them. A prime example of this is the Association of Distributors and Dealers, formed in 2003 and now successfully developing; this is a fundamentally new system for Russian market that helps to organise work with partners and coordinates business cooperation between leading regional and international distributors and dealers of companies. This has significantly expanded the company's sales geography (Europe, Asia, America and Africa) and significantly increased sales volumes. At the same time, a significant part of the sporting and hunting cartridges supplied both to the domestic market and for export are marked with the Barnaul label, which contributes not only to the promotion of the company's products, but also to the popularisation and recognition of the city.

Products of Barnaul Machine-Tool Plant are used in most spheres of the economy - nuclear industry, oil refining, gas industry, mining, coal mining, engineering industry, metallurgy, construction, agriculture, light and food industry, heat power industry, logging and woodworking, furniture industry, municipal services, transport, chemical industry, etc. They were repeatedly awarded the diploma "Best Product of the Year in Altai".

JSC Barnaul Machine Tool Plant continues its traditions in social policy: it has a sanatorium and a skiing lodge. The company is actively engaged in sports and recreational activities, work with young people and veterans of the company. A sports instructor, a youth policy manager and the chairman of the company's Veterans' Council work on a part-time basis.

In 2014, a basic department of Polzunov Altai State Technical University was opened on the basis of JSC BMTP to train highly qualified personnel. There is a museum in the company, and a newspaper called Krasnaya Zvezda (Red Star) is published twice a month. The company actively participates in all events held by the city administration and the Altai Krai administration.

V. Yashkin is the author of 54 innovation proposals, he also has four patents for inventions. In 2006, he defended his thesis on "The structural policy of the defence industry corporation in a rapidly changing external environment" (on the example of JSC Holding Company Barnaul Machine-Tool Plant) and was awarded a PhD in Economics.

В. Victor Yashkin was a member of the Barnaul City Duma of IV and V convocations and was elected to the Board of the Union of Industrialists of the Altai Territory. 

Merits of Victor in the development of ammunition production, engineering, strengthening the defense capacity of the country and participation in social and political life of the city and the region marked by numerous rewards and awards.   

Victor Yashkin was awarded the titles: "Honorary Machine Builder of the Russian Federation", "Honorary Worker of the Armaments Industry" of the Russian Federation, "Honorary Worker of Higher Professional Education of the Russian Federation". Victor was a member of the Board of the Union of Industrialists of the Altai Territory. He was awarded a diploma and a commemorative sign "For Merit in the Development of Barnaul", a medal "With Gratitude, Barnaul", the Altai Region Medal "For Merit in the Name of Creation", the Altai Region Medal "For Merit in Labor", the Order "For Merit to the Altai Region" II degree. He was repeatedly awarded certificates of merit and letters of thanks from the Altai Territory Administration, Barnaul City Administration and Oktyabrsky District Administration. In 2011 he was awarded the Certificate of Honour of the Altai Krai Legislative Assembly. In 2014 he was awarded the Certificate of Honour of the Barnaul City Duma. His photo portrait has been repeatedly inscribed on the city's Honour Board "The Glory and Pride of Barnaul". He was awarded by the All-Union signs: "Drummer XI five-year plan", "Drummer XII five-year plan", the sign of the All-Russian Trade Union of Defence Industry Workers "For cooperation", diploma of the Ministry and the Central Committee of the Trade Union of Defence Industry Workers, numerous diplomas and gratitude of the Ministry, Federal agencies. 

In 2011, Victor Yashkin was awarded the title "Honorary Machine Tool Builder" by the Joint-Stock Company Holding Company Barnaul Machine Tool Plant. 

V.Yashkin, former General Director and later Chairman of the Board of Directors of a large successful enterprise, was a high-class professional, a person widely known in the business community of the city, region and beyond.


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